NGOs and Humanitarian

Our Firm is an indispensable player of humanitarian advisory and aid. We endeavour to use our legal knowledge and expertise for the benefit of those in need, as well as fostering initiatives designed to promote legal advisory and enforcement for the establishment and administration of NGOs.

We regularly engage in pro-bono legal work and devote significant time to international Foundations, which we are proud board members (Oroma Foundation), becoming involved in the drafting of policy papers, reports, model agreements, regulatory texts, proposals and training programms.

Our services include:
  • Provision of legal services and advice
  • Establishment of Foundations, Associations and Not-For-Profit Companies
  • Partnering with Aid and appointment as board members for administration work
  • Provision of Strategic Advice
  • Naturalization
  • Active Involvement


Oroma Foundation is a non-profit with a vision of a better world for everyone, everywhere. We are working with affected communities to improve their living conditions and provide them with the opportunities to change their own lives.